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Jesus is ready for you, are you ready for Him!

Thank you for stopping by to visit us today God is so awesome, He is my
breath of life. Our time here on earth is so short that we must love Him                              
now with our whole being and when we live according to Matt 6:33 we                                      
will really start living.

God uses Prophetess Mamie Jones to delivered words of encouragement                                   
and deliverance to His BODY. She flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit                                       
and will even leave you laughing at times through the humor God has                              
placed in her life.

Your event will be so bless to have this down to earth awesome speaker                                 
teacher/preacher, at your next service, event, or retreat.

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The Prophetic Watches   -   SOON TO BE  RELEASED
Stop the Cyles
Are You Called or Where You Chosen  "The Office of The Armour Bearer"
The Seat of The Scornful/The Strength of The Receiver.

You might be dealing with some serious issue but remember it is already                            
finished.  The purpose God has sent me to do is to let you know it is finished                            
we must now hold on to the horns of the altar and know for sure who is in                            
control. Let Abba release to us the store house of heaven!
"Father thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

God bless and keep you
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